Gorgeous, Earthy Woven Wood Shades

Woven Wood Shades for your Lafayette Home

If you’re into adding some warmth and texture to your home or commercial space, there’s nothing like a gorgeous woven wood shade to bring in a little class and warmth. Woven materials add elegance to any style and can go with all types of furnishings. Tones and colors range with some options even painted, but generally you’ll find many sticking to the natural tones of real wood.

Woven wood and grass cloth shades have a unique look and feel, but are as practical as any cellular blind in blocking out the sun’s heat. They can be raised or lowered like a blind, which gives you options for privacy while allowing different levels of light in from the outside.

You’ll want our Lafayette Shutter Company quality woven wood shades once you see them because there’s nothing to compare. Bamboo shades are fast becoming a top favorite for many homeowners and business owners looking to go green or help the environment however they can.

Ask About Our Woven Bamboo Shades

When you’re looking for an awesome material in Lafayette woven wood shades, bamboo has to be it. Easily renewable, your windows will look great with this earthy material! Many customers discover just why this material is fast becoming the favorite choice for all sorts of remodeling projects, including as a window dressing for your home or business.

Bamboo is actually a grass, not a tree or bush. It’s extremely fast growing, which makes it a great resource for building materials because it’s so easily renewable. And bamboo doesn’t take any coaxing to grow for if you have enough water content in your soil, it will soon overtake your yard because it propagates by root.

Bamboo is a naturally heat blocking material, absorbing the sun’s heat effectively. This means when you choose woven bamboo shades, you’ll be helping your home to better energy efficiency. In fact, about a third of your treated air climate is lost through the windowed areas.

Expert Design & Installation For Woven Wood Shades

Any time you want to see what woven wood shades will do for your home or business, just give us a call. We provide consultations with design to ensure you’re getting the right window treatments at the right size. We also help you in the choosing process which can be a bit daunting if you’re by yourself trying to research all your options.

Your home will look lovely with woven wood shades! They’ll be installed to perfection by our team of expert installers. When you’re looking for quality at every turn, come to Lafayette Shutters, Blinds and More!

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What a great job - thanks to these guys for doing an awesome job - so very courteous - we loveee our new blinds - definitely will enjoy them!!!
- Shermaine H.
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Great service and installation! Would recommend them highly!
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