What Type Of Window Covering Or Treatment Is Best For Daylight Blocking in Lafayette?

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What Type Of Window Covering Or Treatment Is Best For Daylight Blocking in Lafayette?

Whether you’re wanting sunlight completely blacked out or want to let a little in, there’s always a solution for you at Lafayette Shutters, Blinds, and More. We have the perfect black-out solutions in window shades and window covering in Lafayette along with some wonderful fabrics in black-out drapes.

Black Out Drapes

Many thermal-backed drapes are suitable for blocking out all the light in a room, depending on whether you get a good installation and hang them the right way. Blackout drapes in specific can completely block out light.

Lafayett drapes can easily be custom-made to reach from the ceiling all the way down the wall to the flooring and as wide as you need, so they’re a wonderful option even for very large or irregular sized windows.

The way they’re hung can make a difference as well. While some types of hardware allow for a great, snug fit to the wall, others intentionally bubble out the material allowing gaps between wall and drape where light can sneak in.

Blackout drapes are completely lined with material that also reflects heat energy that gets transferred in from sunlight. Installing them helps with your energy savings factor for your home as well.

The great thing about drapes is that you can have them installed with any other type of window treatment you already have going on. For instance, you could effectively have the following thermal layers of protection: low-E glass, heat blocking window films applied, blackout shades, thermal drapes. But that’s a little overkill since smart glass and smart window films can do most of the job themselves.

Black Out Shades

Black-out shades are a favorite way to block out light for homeowners and business owners alike. They’re wonderful for nighttime sleeping, with many that allow you to alternatively choose to let in varying light amounts.

The best types of shades for blacking out light are those that are automated because the sides of the shades are completely controlled by the track system built onto the frame. As they roll down, there are absolutely no gaps for light to enter through.

Black Out Window Films

Window films are perfect for windows or glass that’s already been installed. Instead of replacing the glass or window, the film is applied. This makes it a much more affordable option because it costs much less than replacement.

Today’s window films come in black-out options but bear in mind when you block out the light, you’re also blocking the view. If you have unsightly views through the window, then keeping it isn’t an issue. So if that isn’t a problem for you, then this can be a perfect option when you’re needing both privacy and light control for the room.

Not only do window films come in black-out styles, but they can also vary in tint strength, which gives you options for allowing in some light or more light. For instance, the opaque films can really be seen through (only a shadow when close enough), but let in a lot of light.

Just let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll set up your free consultation where we bring the materials you’re interested in into your location. It’s a great shopping experience at our Lafayette Shutter Company where you can see just what our coverings can do for your home or commercial property’s windows!

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